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Physical Computing · Week 11

Project 3 Idea

For my final project, I am interested in making something interactive that generates some kind of an abstract visual. Currently, I have two ideas in mind, and might continue to make adjustments as I try to execute either one.

Idea 1

Sketch of Idea 1

My first idea is inspired my the scenes of chemistry experiments. My plan is to include multiple water level sensors, along with containers of colored water which can be added to, to represent different elements in our environment. As the level of the water increases, the abstract painting on the screen changes according to the amount of the various water colors and the light strips lights up as the respective water container gets added to.

Idea 2

Sketch of Idea 2

My second idea is inspired by the current situation which people are in right now. Many people are separated by distance due to the virus, and thus I thought about created a project which can help people feel connected despite not being physically together. The two boxes (shown in pink and blue in the sketch above) are intended to be placed in different locations. As the force sensing resistors are being pressed onto by two different people at the same time, the screen generates a curve line from each end that eventually connects in the middle (as the time and force of the pressing increases). I hope to create a symbolization of two people separated by distance but connected by heart through the generated abstract art on the screen.

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