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Nothing: Creating Illusions · Week 8

Final Project Topic Ideas Topic 1: History and Roots of Written Language Characters People nowadays learn to write the language used in their country/environment, but barely trace back the roots of the origin of these characters nor think about how these representations of words were developed. For example, Chinese characters are came from a varietyContinue reading “Nothing: Creating Illusions · Week 8”

Nothing: Creating Illusions · Week 2

Response to Seeing is Forgetting the Name of the Thing One Sees Reading Seeing is Forgetting introduced me to Irwin’s story behind his paintings. It was definitely interesting to learn about the details and process of his works, especially the evolution of his thinking and development. Irwin constantly set new standards and went on toContinue reading “Nothing: Creating Illusions · Week 2”

Nothing: Creating Illusions · Week 1

Response to F for Fake Film Watching the film F for Fake inspired me to think about the role of actors and people’s identity. I agree with the film that stories build on one another and almost how stories can contain some kind of lie in order to make the world believe. Different people can see differentContinue reading “Nothing: Creating Illusions · Week 1”

Escape Room · Week 1

Expand Your World follow the same steps from today’s workshop to either create a new world or expand on the world from class make it feel a little realer, and start thinking about characters. Pick a Scenario / Situation. Imagine a character or goal. What are the circumstances (in the story) that lead your playersContinue reading “Escape Room · Week 1”

Physical Computing · Week 13

Project 3 Documentation My project idea is inspired by the current situation which people are in right now. Many people are separated by distance due to the virus, and thus I thought about created a project which can help people feel connected despite not being physically together. The two boxes (shown in pink and blueContinue reading “Physical Computing · Week 13”

ICM · Week 13

Prompt of This Week’s Assignment / Final Project take something you did earlier this semester and expand it or scratch a new itch or make a Frankenstein project by combining earlier code Working on This Week’s Assignment For my final project, I decided to expand on my mid-term assignment and create a Christmas scene asContinue reading “ICM · Week 13”

Animation · Week 5&6

Final Cornell Box Idea As I’ve always enjoyed visiting Japan and am interested in Japan’s rich culture, I thought of creating a Cornell Box that captures some of the elements of Japan I love. During my brainstorm process, I came up with the idea of bridging the indoors and outdoors of Japan such as creatingContinue reading “Animation · Week 5&6”

Physical Computing · Week 12

Project 3 Update I decided to go for my second idea which I presented in last week’s class since I felt that it is more meaningful and richer on the concept side. Currently, I have my breadboard set up and ready to go: In addition to the two force sensing resistors, I also decided toContinue reading “Physical Computing · Week 12”

Physical Computing · Week 11

Project 3 Idea For my final project, I am interested in making something interactive that generates some kind of an abstract visual. Currently, I have two ideas in mind, and might continue to make adjustments as I try to execute either one. Idea 1 My first idea is inspired my the scenes of chemistry experiments.Continue reading “Physical Computing · Week 11”

ICM · Week 10&11

Prompt of This Week’s Assignment create a 30-60s sound composition and record final output Working on the Assignment Focusing on sound, me and my partner Rachel started out with some brainstorming, and came up with possible elements to include in our sound piece. As we were both interested in creating a narrative, we thought aboutContinue reading “ICM · Week 10&11”