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ICM · Week 10&11

Prompt of This Week’s Assignment

  • create a 30-60s sound composition and record final output

Working on the Assignment


Focusing on sound, me and my partner Rachel started out with some brainstorming, and came up with possible elements to include in our sound piece. As we were both interested in creating a narrative, we thought about including a bit of audio that helps set up the scene, such as sounds of water pouring, coin dropping, etc. We then played around with some of the p5js sketches which generate different sounds, and recorded the outputs with the sound recorder. Despite these recordings of sound beats being fairly abstract, we experimented with various order and  sequencing of these different tracks, them playing, pausing, and overlapping at different timings. Overall, we tried to create a sound piece that contains a little bit of suspenseful and thrilling feel with the beats and audio effects, and also allow people to add on to the sound with mouse clicks to generate different outcomes depending on the timing of clicks.

Reference Sketches Used

Words to Describe Our Piece

Narrative, spatial, thrilling, suspenseful, speedy, linear v.s non-linear

Link to Our Week 11 Assignment

Sound Piece Final Sketch

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