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Physical Computing · Week 12

Project 3 Update

I decided to go for my second idea which I presented in last week’s class since I felt that it is more meaningful and richer on the concept side.

Sketch of Idea

Currently, I have my breadboard set up and ready to go:

In addition to the two force sensing resistors, I also decided to add in two LEDs, one on each side. As one of the force sensing resistors is being pressed onto, the opposite LED would light up to hint that the person on the other side is interacting with the installation, and encourage the person on this side to do so as well. As the person respond and press onto the force sensing resistors on his or her side, the other LED would also light up to indicate a response being made. Bellow is a video capturing the force sensing resistors and LEDs working:

Force Sensing Resistors and LEDs Working

My original idea of creating a project which can help people feel connected despite not being physically together remains the same. As the force sensing resistors are being pressed onto by two different people at the same time, the screen generates a curve line from each end that eventually connects in the middle (as the time and force of the pressing increases). Bellow is the current generated visual on the screen with p5js:

I plan on adding in more animation/movement to the visual on the screen and a possible color change as the lines connect from opposite ends as well. I also have the majority of my code for both sides written out, but need to debug some problems with my flickering sensor values in order to then work on the mapping of the lines to the sensor values.

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