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Animation · Week 5&6

Final Cornell Box Idea As I’ve always enjoyed visiting Japan and am interested in Japan’s rich culture, I thought of creating a Cornell Box that captures some of the elements of Japan I love. During my brainstorm process, I came up with the idea of bridging the indoors and outdoors of Japan such as creatingContinue reading “Animation · Week 5&6”

Animation · Week 4

Final Animation — Happy Excursion Reflection Collaborating with Alina and Rachel on this project, our group decided to based our animation of an excerpt of ancient story, XiaoYaoYou (逍遙遊), by ZhuangZi (莊子), a famous Chinese philosopher. Working on the assets for our animation turned out to be a lot more time consuming than we expected.Continue reading “Animation · Week 4”

Animation · Week 3

After Effects Animation Project Visualizing our compositions and preparing assets: Working on the animation project with Alina and Rachel, we spent a lot of time preparing our assets and creating/drawing some of the components we needed this past week. Bellow are the main visualizations of our scenes, which we have finished separating individual layers withContinue reading “Animation · Week 3”

Animation · Week 2

Response to Understanding Comics Reading Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art, by Scott McCloud encouraged me to reflect on the various ways and forms of story telling, and how comic plays a role in the arts. Through the chapters in the book which dissects and explains in detail about the properties of comics, I was ableContinue reading “Animation · Week 2”

Animation · Week 1

Stop Motion Loops Assignment This week’s assignment was to create stop motion loops using Stop Motion Studio, and exported as animated GIFs. Since I happen to have a small collection of bunny miniature characters, I decided to pick two of them to be photographed and featured in my assignment. Bellow are my two stop motionContinue reading “Animation · Week 1”