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Video and Sound · Week 6&7

Final Project Video — Three Pigs of the Apocalypse Final Project Reflection Collaborating with Phil and Shaurya on this project, our group decided to based our video of the story of The Three Little Pigs. However, we wanted to retell the story through a slightly more metaphorical approach, and thus thought of connecting three themesContinue reading “Video and Sound · Week 6&7”

Video and Sound · Week 5

Conceptualizing Our “Three Little Pigs” Story Our team is working on the story of “Three Little Pigs”, presenting it through a first person perspective. To conceptualize the story, we decided to represent the “destroying of the houses” with various kinds chaotic-ness, and specifically the three themes “advent of technology”, “civil unrest”, and “environmental chaos” asContinue reading “Video and Sound · Week 5”

Video and Sound · Week 4

Adobe Premiere Editing Practice Provided 3 clips of 3 different perspectives showing the girls standing and talking, I used Adobe Premiere to combine the clips with mainly jump cuts and crossfades (at the beginning and end) to present the story. I made the decision to keep the background sounds in my final to present theContinue reading “Video and Sound · Week 4”

Video and Sound · Week 3

Virtual Sound Walk Project Reflection As briefly mentioned in my blog post from last week, my partner decided on the theme of a “musical forest” and agreed on trying to achieve a sense of calmness and meditation feel through our environment. By navigating through our forest walk way, we hope our audiences could immerse inContinue reading “Video and Sound · Week 3”

Video and Sound · Week 2

Virtual Sound Walk — Musical Forest Click Here to Access! In this sound assignment, my partner and I decided to create a musical sound walk in a fictional forest setting. We started out by collecting audio clips that we feel suitable, and planned out the order of our audio clips based on the assending powerContinue reading “Video and Sound · Week 2”

Video and Sound · Week 1

The Danger of a Single Story “Single story creates stereotypes. Not that they are untrue, but they are incomplete.” — Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Watching Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TEDX talk on The Danger of a Single Story, I was truly engaged by her vivid and energetic way of storytelling. She shared her personal experiences to emphasizeContinue reading “Video and Sound · Week 1”