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ICM · Week 8&9

Prompt of This Week’s Assignment

  • create a 1 minute experience by manipulating an image or video to create an alternate visual reality

Working on the Assignment

The focus of this past two weeks is pixels, and I worked with my partner Kyungah on the assignment to create an alternative visual reality. As we are both interested in conceptual art and design, we started out by brainstorming possible ideas to execute for our assignment. At the beginning, we thought about capturing multiple frames from the camera video of a person showing different gestures, which altogehter presents a word or shape at the end to reveal a message. But during our working process, we decided to shift our idea a little to present something slightly more abstract but still trying to connect human movement with pixels. We thought of incorporating the use of the slit-scan camera which we learned in class, but transformed it into a vertical slit-scan instead as we like how the outcome of this feels more artistic and abstract.

Focusing on the theme of human relationship with nature, we searched online for some inspiration for the idea and style of our alternative visual reality. Here are some of the inspiration we looked at:

We noticed how the outcome of the vertical slit-scan somewhat resembles the inside of wooden texture / pattern despite that its created through the movement of a person. As a result, we decided to use this as our focus and added a few additional elements to enrich our visual on the screen, including the falling vertical lines to create a forest-feel environment and the mouse click of additional squares to add onto the slightly pixelated stylistic effect of our slit-scan. We also included two scans that slightly differs in timing which affects the visual result outcome despite with some overlapping of same movements. Our color pallet mostly contains greens and browns, with the addition of skin color captured with the slit-scan to further emphasis on our theme of nature.

Using 5-10 words, we would describe our assignment outcome as an “alternative visual reality abstracting and merging human with synthesized nature”.

Screen Captured Videos of Assignment Outcome

Screen Captured Interaction of Assignment, With More Dynamic Movement
Screen Captured Interaction of Assignment, With Less Dynamic Movement

Link to Our Week 9 Assignment

Alternative Visual Reality — Synthesized Nature

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