Nothing: Creating Illusions · Week 1

Response to F for Fake Film

Watching the film F for Fake inspired me to think about the role of actors and people’s identity. I agree with the film that stories build on one another and almost how stories can contain some kind of lie in order to make the world believe. Different people can see different versions of the story and thus what may be seen as fake may be justified in other people’s opinion. In the film, I find it interesting that Elmyr is identified as a faker on top of him being a painter and artist. His paintings may be forging other artists’ due to them not being original, but on the other hand he needs and have the skills required to commit forgery, which also demonstrates his talent as a painter. Thus, I think it is important to dissect the reason for forgery, whether it is for the fakes’ demand in the market or simply due to how the world loves to see the experts make a fool of as mentioned in the film. What is considered real identity and how does stealing others’ identity through forgery can tell a story or manipulate truth presents different visions that should be further looked into. Also, as this film pivots around the theme of fakes and manipulating truth throughout, the ending didn’t struck me that much as I already had a feeling that the story of Kodar and Picasso’s paintings was made up due to the focus of the film.

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