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Animation · Week 4

Final Animation — Happy Excursion

Final Animation by Stephanie Chen, Alina Liu, and Rachel Wang


Collaborating with Alina and Rachel on this project, our group decided to based our animation of an excerpt of ancient story, XiaoYaoYou (逍遙遊), by ZhuangZi (莊子), a famous Chinese philosopher. Working on the assets for our animation turned out to be a lot more time consuming than we expected. We had to search for different elements that has a similar asethetics style that work well together. We also did a lot of work in Photoshop to separate each layer, fill in the holes of the background after cutting out things, and adjust the saturation and color balance of various objects. As we hope to keep a consistent traditional Chinese painting feel, we also had to draw some of the assets ourselves (such as the birds, kun fish, and ending cup scene) as we weren’t able to find assets we like on the web.

As I have some experience of animating text in After Effects, the program wasn’t completely new to me and thus was fairly managable to work with. However, I don’t have that much experience dealing with image based animation, and therefore I feel that the animated swimming and flying movements of the fish and bird in our project still have some room for improvement. Setting the scenes also took longer than expected, as we tried to include a lot of subtle movements in the background. But with the scene backgrounds animated, transitions worked out, and sound effects added in, I feel that our animation feels a lot more lively and immersive with our final product.

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