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Animation · Week 3

After Effects Animation Project

Visualizing our compositions and preparing assets:

Working on the animation project with Alina and Rachel, we spent a lot of time preparing our assets and creating/drawing some of the components we needed this past week. Bellow are the main visualizations of our scenes, which we have finished separating individual layers with photoshop and have the files ready to work with in After Effects.

First Draft of Pond and Falling Leaf Scene (by Stephanie)
Pond and Falling Leaf Scene (by Alina)
Mountain Scene 1 (by Rachel)
Mountain Scene 2 (by Rachel)
Top and Side View of Kun Fish (by Stephanie)

In addition to visual assets, we have also collected the sound files we needed to set the mood of our animation and add in sound effects.

Working in After Effects:

I started working on the beginning of our animation in After Effects, with the leaf falling into the pond and water ripples appearing. We still need to add in the other details into this scene (lotus, fishes, birds, etc) and may switch out the leaves and background as well, but bellow is an exported draft:

20 Seconds of Animation of Pond Scene with Leaf Falling (by Stephanie)

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