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Video and Sound · Week 5

Conceptualizing Our “Three Little Pigs” Story

Our team is working on the story of “Three Little Pigs”, presenting it through a first person perspective. To conceptualize the story, we decided to represent the “destroying of the houses” with various kinds chaotic-ness, and specifically the three themes “advent of technology”, “civil unrest”, and “environmental chaos” as mentioned in my blog post last week. We will connect the story through our camera movement of going from one house to another after it being destroyed, and embedding each theme into one of the house and its surrounding environment during the process.

Our Medium

We are working on creating three 1-minute video clips using free licensing video and audio sources we’ve collected, and then embedding these three video clips into Unity. In Unity, we are working on building the environment of the three little pigs’ houses, with a basic structure for all and then applying different textures/materials and themes to each of the three houses. The three video clips will be embedded onto a TV screen in each house, along with an outer environment (planning on embedding a still image for now), and an overarching instrumental audio sound track that extends through all three houses to add in an element of consistency and connect the different themes together.

Draft of 3D Modeling of House Created by Phil

Progress Update

I’ve been working on creating two 1-minute video clips in Adobe Premiere, on the themes of “environmental chaos” and “civil unrest”. Shaurya is working on the video for “advent of technology”, and Phil is working on the 3D modeling of the houses and environments for Unity.

Bellow are drafts of my two videos:

Environmental Chaos Video, Work in Progress
Civil Unrest Video, Work in Progress

The “environmental chaos” video is a little closer to final, but I plan to further adjust the audio a bit more to increase the dramatic feel. I will wok on going into the details and refining the volume of different parts of the clip to create more variations as I feel that the entire clip sounds a little flat right now.

For the “civil unrest” video, I would like to put a little more work into the cuts, transitions, timeframes of each element/clip, as well as the audio. I think I have a rough draft for now, but I definitely still need to go into the details to refine the clip.

Challenges Faced

Personally, I don’t think I’ve faced any major challenges working on my part for now. Some minor issues I had while working in Premiere was that the previewing window inside is sometimes a bit laggy when I tried to play my clip as I work, thus making me a little hard to view my work-in-progress. I think this is just due to the fact that I’m working on a fairly old laptop with multiple clips and audio files combined together, and thus I’ll just have click on the preview button a few extra times or export my video clip from time to time to accurately view my work-in-progress.

Also, not entirely a challenge but more of a realization I had, I’ve came to realize that I actually need more source clips to use than what I’ve imagined prior to start editing. Despite that I’ve collected video clips of a little over a minute total for the “civil unrest” theme last week to put together a one-minute video, I actually don’t have enough video sources to use after cutting bits and pieces during the editing process and thus had to go back to search for more clips as I work. But overall, I think our team has made good progress during this week and will continue to work on editing and refining for our final.

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