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Video and Sound · Week 4

Adobe Premiere Editing Practice

Provided 3 clips of 3 different perspectives showing the girls standing and talking, I used Adobe Premiere to combine the clips with mainly jump cuts and crossfades (at the beginning and end) to present the story. I made the decision to keep the background sounds in my final to present the conversation more realistically as the 2 girls are standing in an outdoor/school environment with other people walking and passing by. Since I have some knowledge of using Adobe After Effects, working in Premiere was fairly straightforward for me as I am already familiar with the overall structure and various elements in these Adobe products. As I decided to use the main audio recorded from the perspective which the two girls are captured whole body standing face to face talking, the hardest part for me was to match some of the mouth movements from the closeup shots to the audio as the speed which they talk in weren’t exactly the same in the different takes. Bellow is the result of my Premiere demo practice:

Premiere Practice

Final Video Project Progress Update

Working with my partners Phil and Shaurya, we’ve decided to work on the story of Three Little Pigs (which Phil sketched out a storyboard for last week), and represent it in a way which we use various kinds of chaos to represent the big bad wolf and the destroying of the houses. The 3 themes we have decided on are “advent of technology”, “civil & social unrest”, and “climate change & environmental chaos”. Our current plan is to present our project in first person perspective, and thus don’t plan on showing any of the characters. We plan on building the houses/scenes through 3D modeling in Unity, and embedding video and audio clips of the 3 respective themes to the TV screens inside and the windows which reveal the outside views of the 3 houses.

This past week, Phil began to work on the 3D modeling of the houses and environment and Shaurya and I collected all the video footage we plan on including (and some audio clips for extra emphasis on the sounds of the environments as well). I mainly gathered video footage through Pixabay and Videvo, both free stock video websites, and audio clips through Bellow is a screenshot of the video clips I gathered (will pick and choose from these as we work) :

Video Footage Collection

For “advent of technology”, we mainly collected video recordings of streets and people. For “civil & social unrest”, we focused on video sources and sounds of crowds of people shouting or protesting. For “climate change & environmental chaos”, we collected clips ranging from forest fires, thunder, lightning, heavy rain, and high wind. Moving forward, we plan on editing and putting together 3 roughly one-minute clips for each theme, which we will then embed into Unity.

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