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ICM · Week 4

Prompt of This Week’s Assignment

  • make something with a lot of repetition, more than you want to hand-code
  • try creating an algorithmic design with simple parameters

Working on the Worksheet Questions and Assignment

I think the worksheet questions this week were fairly straightforward as the for loop function was explained and demonstrated during our previous class. I personally prefer to use “c” (or count in columns) instead of x and y for creating multiple columns as I feel like I can better visualize the canvas this way. For example, thinking in this way allowed me to easily eliminate a single column changing color responding to the mouse hover (worksheet question 2a) by simply adding in “c != 6” (for skipping column 7).

Working on the assignment for this week, I focused on creating a pattern that can extend infinitely according to the size of the canvas, and mainly designed the pattern with 3 ellipses. My geometric pattern is inspired by the Japanese fan pattern, which is also a symbol of prosperity.

my design with repetition created with loop functions

I used a for loop for the x value and another for the y value in order for my ellipses to repeat both horizontally and vertically. For the stoke and fill colors, I also tried to experiment with gradients and played around a little with the RGB values to get a color palette I like. Through first practicing making each column a different color in the worksheet (worksheet question 2d), I was able to implement the concept into my assignment design. By experimenting and incorporating my gradient palettes, I hoped to give my Japanese fan inspired geometric pattern an additional layer of personal touch.

Code for My Geometric Pattern Design

Link to My Week 4 Assignment

Geometric Pattern

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