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Video and Sound · Week 2

Virtual Sound Walk — Musical Forest

Click Here to Access!

Screen-captured recording of me interacting with the virtual sound walk

In this sound assignment, my partner and I decided to create a musical sound walk in a fictional forest setting. We started out by collecting audio clips that we feel suitable, and planned out the order of our audio clips based on the assending power and feeling we hope to create as the path goes deeper into the forest.

Through working on this virtual sound walk, I was able to start to familiarize myself with Unity such as downloading and using the assets, importing audio, and working with 3D objects. A main issue that I ran into was that the audio trigger somehow doesn’t work for me and I kept on getting error messages when trying to incorporate it. I ended up finding a way around and instead of using a trigger, I adjusted the audio from 2D to 3D and increased the radius to the largest to get a very similar effect. Another small issue I found was that the WebDL version makes the shadows of the trees on the ground slightly darker (and i’m not really sure why this happened) so the walk path became slightly less clear after being exported/uploaded into web browser, and is a lot clearing when navigating through it in Unity (as shown in the screen-captured video).

A major decision I made while working in Unity was to get rid of the preset foot steps sound as I found it distracting and affecting the mood and feeling we hope to create with the musical/instrumental audios in our walk. I also tried to search for some extra assets and managed to include rabbits and animated butterflies to hopefully add some extra elements and make the forest less boring visually.

Overall, I think it was definitely hard as both my partner and I are first time Unity users, but also a good experience as I was able to learn a lot about Unity in such a short amount of time.

Audio Source:

Assets: “Dream Forest Tree” by IL.ranch, “Animated Butterfly” by Gareth Wright, “White Rabbit” by Niwashi Games, all in Unity Asset Store

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