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ICM · Week 1

How Computation Applies to My Interests

With a communication design background, I have always been interested in creating seamless experiences in various forms and media. I like to explore the possibilities through creative and critical thinking, and hope to evoke people’s interests and foster engagement through design. Furthermore, I have always been passionate about creating interactions, experiences and environments in both the physical and digital world.And thus, I believe that acquiring computation skills through this class can help me further explore and gain the ability to create in a different way. In the long run, I hope to be able to merge cultures and bring positivity into people’s lives through various mediums.

Creating my Self-Portrait Sketch in P5.JS

Originally, I thought of creating an avatar with bunny ears as I enjoy drawing bunny illustrations as a hobby during my free time. However, I haven’t learned/wasn’t able to figure out how to rotate ellipses to create the bunny ears, and thus decided to stick to a normal human avatar. Other than that, the overall process of creating my self-portrait sketch was fairly smooth as I am familiar with RGB colors through working with Adobe Creative Suite and also had some knowledge of the cartesian coordinate. I think the main pitfall I ran into was positioning shapes through simply testing the numbers through trial and error instead of referring to the larger picture and thinking about the relationship between the different shapes on the canvas. I hope this habit would get resolved as I spend more time trying to learn to code and get more familiar with JavaScript in the future.

Links to My Week 1 Assignments

Bright Turquoise Circle

Reproducing Provided Image with Code


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